Symposium Organizer – Guild of Sound Engineers of the Russian Musical Union

Russian Musical Union was established to provide support to professional musicians – members of the Union, including music veterans and aspiring authors and performers. RMU promotes the development and implementation of cultural, charitable and educational projects, the organization of concerts, festivals, tours, creative competitions, thematic workshops. The Union pays much attention to popularization of Russian music – both classical and modern, it cooperates with major music publishers. RMU interacts with public authorities, societies for collective management of copyright and related rights, specialized foundations and international organizations working in the field of culture and art and launches initiatives that allow to solve the problems that Russian musicians face.

The Guild of Sound Engineers of the Russian Musical Union unites professional sound engineers of all musical directions:

  • acoustic (academic, orchestral) music;
  • pop, and rock music;
  • concert sound engineering;
  • sound engineering of the audiovisual arts (recording music for films, musical theater, television);
  • post-production.

The main goal of the guild is the development of Russian sound engineering, the creation of conditions for bringing it to a high creative and technological level.

The tasks of the guild include:

  • creating a space for professional communication between sound engineers and the exchange of creative and technical experience;
  • organization and conduct of professionally directed events in the field of work with sound;
  • promoting the development and expansion of vocational education in the field of sound engineering.

Chairman of the Guild: Maria Soboleva – sound engineer, professor at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, professor at the Institute of Contemporary Art, professor at the Russian State University of Cinematography named after S.Gerasimov, author of numerous publications and training programs in sound engineering.