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    On October 22-23, the Oktava plant (part of the Rostec State Corporation) will take part in the international symposium "The Recording Industry of Academic Music". The event is held in Moscow as part of the international award "Pure Sound" and is the first large-scale project in Russia dedicated to the recording industry of academic instrumental music and vocals.

    "Oktava" will present microphones for the work of a sound engineer in different acoustic conditions. Among the models-developments of 2018-2019: condenser studio microphones MK-115 and MK-117. The Octave's flagships will also be on display — the MK-012 universal condenser microphone with replaceable capsules (which Radiohead musicians used to record their album OK Computer) and the MKL-5000 premium segment tube microphones. Also, everyone will be able to listen to the microphones of the MK-101, MK-105, MK-220, MK-519, ML-52-02 series included in the harmonized product line.

    "The participants of the symposium will have the opportunity to listen to microphones in a specially equipped room and get expert advice. And as part of the main exhibition, sound engineers, musicians, representatives of theaters and philharmonic halls will be able to get acquainted with the Octava microphones recommended for recording academic music, "said Lyubov Stalnova, Marketing Director of the Octava plant.

    For the sounding of instruments, the manufacturer of electroacoustics recommends the MK-012 condenser microphone. Sound engineers appreciate the versatility of this microphone (due to the modularity of the design) and note the richness and clarity of the sound. MK-012 is characterized by small overall dimensions and a weight of only 115 g. It has a sensitivity of 12-16 mV. /Pa at 1 kHz and low noise: less than 18 dB. The microphone is able to record loud sounds even at a short distance and is suitable not only for recording guitar, piano, but also for the sound of percussion instruments. Microphones assembled and capsules separately are also available in a stereo pair.

    For working in the studio, it is especially interesting to note the ML-52-02 ribbon microphone, the MKL-5000 tube microphone and the MK-117 condenser microphone.

    ML-52-02 — a rare example of a tape microphone, especially suitable for recording deep low voices, percussion, strings, reed, brass and woodwind instruments.

    The MKL-5000 is a wide-diaphragm tube microphone in a brass case with an original capsule design. The MKL-5000 is ideal for recording solo vocals and choral groups and allows you to work with any of the three directional characteristics thanks to the built-in switches. This allows you to use the microphone for solo performance, duet, or choir.

    MK-117-the development presented at NAMM-2018, continues the bottle series with a retro design. The microphone capsule, like the MKL-5000, is as open as possible, so that the design adds a minimum of sounds when recording instruments.

    The symposium "Academic Music Recording Industry" is intended to become a platform for the exchange of experience and cooperation between industry participants, a platform for highlighting the main problems of the industry, discussing ways to solve them and developing proposals for the development of the domestic academic music recording industry. The participants of the symposium will also discuss the role of the media in the development of the recording industry, examine the sound space of academic music from the point of view of musicology and get acquainted with business solutions in the field of copyright in the recording industry.

    The event will be held in the showroom of the business space "Ladoga" (Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, 12, entrance 7).

    PJSC "Oktava" - founded in 1927, the Tula plant develops and serially produces studio microphones. Their exports exceed 47% of all Russian exports of musical equipment. Due to the high quality and attractive price, Octava studio microphones are popular among musicians and recording studios. Octave condenser microphones are successfully used by musicians all over the world, among the most famous names-U2, Sting, Iron Maiden, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, the Turkish Choir, sound engineers of the Black Star label. The Octave includes Hollywood films, Russian films "The Last Test" and "BEEF: Russian Hip-hop".