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    Moscow October 15-17, 2021

    the framework of the International Award for the best audio recording of Russian academic Music "Pure Sound"*

    *the program is subject to changes

    October 15
    World Trade Center

    Ladoga HallDiscussion hall
    Erdo Groot (Netherlands)
    Director, producer, balance sheet specialist of the record company Polyhymnia International

    Lecture on concert sound engineering
    "Professional education in the field of sound engineering"
    Udo Portats (Germany)
    Sound Engineer Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg)

    Lecture on sound recording of academic projects
    "Copyright in the recording industry"
    Andrey Levin
    Mosfilm Sound Engineer

    Lecture on the sound recording of the orchestra in the cinema
    "Streaming in the recording industry"
    Mikhail Spassky
    Sound engineer of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

    Lecture on concert sound engineering
    Master class on mastering for vinyl
    Yakov Grabkin

    Sound engineer of the CineLab film studio

    October 16

    EventsTechnical tours
    Master class

    RAM im. The Gnessins

    Udo Potrac
    Technical tour to the Bolshoi Theater Hall

    Nadezhda Nikolaeva
    Sound engineer of the Bolshoi Theater

    *A PCR test or a certificate of vaccination is required
    Master class on studio sound recording

    CineLab Film Studio

    Erdo Groot
    Technical tour to the halls of the Moscow Conservatory

    Evgeny Platonov
    Deputy Head of the Multifunctional Training and Production Center
    for Sound Recording and Sound Engineering of the MGK
    Master classes on the restoration of archival records

    Moscow Conservatory

    Evgeny Platonov, Elena Sych, Elena Doynikova
    Technical tour at the Mosfilm Studio
    Andrey Levin

    Mosfilm Sound Engineer
    CineLab Film Studio

    Yakov Zatvatkin
    leading sound engineer of the studio

    October 17

    Scientific and practical conference
    "Sound engineering is the profession of the future"

    (following the results of the conference – the publication of a collection of materials)

    Moscow Conservatory, conference hall
    Master class "Practical sound engineering in electroacoustic music"

    Moscow Conservatory, Center for Electroacoustic Music
    Public talk, dedicated to the issues of interaction between a composer and a sound engineer

    Moscow Conservatory, conference hall
    Concert of the Center for Electroacoustic Music

    Moscow Conservatory, Rachmaninoff Hall
    Online registration