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    Founded in 1927, Oktava PJSC is a Tula plant engaged in development and mass production of studio microphones. Their export exceeds 47% of all Russian export of musical equipment. Oktava studio microphones grow in popularity among the musicians and recording studios due to high quality and affordable price. Oktava condenser microphones are successfully used by musicians all over the world, the most famous are U2, Sting, Iron Maiden, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, The Turetsky Choir, and sound producers of Black Star label. Hollywood films and Russian movies like “The Last Test” and “BEEF: Russian Hip-Hop” have been dubbed in Oktava.

    “Oktava” will present microphones for sound producer’s work in different acoustic conditions. The list of models features the innovative MK-207, as well as its main line of microphones — MK-012, MKL-5000, MK-117, MK-319, and MK-519.