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    The history of the company began in 1947 with the creation of the Laboratory of Electroacoustics at «KINAP» plant. Later on, in 1954, a new enterprise was established in Leningrad – the Central Design Bureau of Cinematographic Equipment (TsKBK), which included the entire electroacoustics laboratory. In 1970s, the «Screen» Research and Production Association was established on the basis of the Central Cinema and Design Bureau, which also included many film industry enterprises (in Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Samarkand, etc.). The TsKBK was engaged in the development and creation of prototypes and pilot series, while mass production was carried out at LOMO. One of the striking developments is the “space series” of microphones, which also includes the famous 19A19 microphone.

    The current «Nevaton» company is the direct successor of the TsKBK laboratory, and all the microphones designed and produced at the company, combine the rich experience of the past with modern innovations. The company is not a large-scale production, but rather an electroacoustic laboratory that keeps in constant contact with leading sound engineers, soundfielders and musicians to create microphones that meet the highest modern requirements.