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    Yamaha history began in 1887 when Yamaha founder Torakusu Yamaha completed a difficult repair job on
    a reed organ at a Japanese primary school. 130 years later Yamaha became a world-leading brand
    in musical instruments, audio equipment, and other products and services dear to the hearts of people

    With our unique expertise and sensibilities, gained from our devotion to sound and music, we are committed to creating excitement and cultural inspirationtogether with people around the world.

    All art, including art that involves sound and music, is expression that has an impact on the viewer or listener. It often begins with the artist’s personal journey of self-discovery that sometimes grows and ripples outward in waves that resonate with people everywhere.

    Yamaha supports the engineers who support artists and performers in their quest to make waves, carrying their vision to a wider audience.

    Official website: ru.yamaha.com